Aging usually results in some lifestyle changes as the body begins to slow down. As natural and common as this gradual decline may be, it does not have to involve negative changes in health.

One of the keys to remaining energized and vibrant during the senior years is regular exercise and activity. White Lake Senior Development is committed to helping local seniors maintain healthy living later in life.
With programs and resources designed to support, educate, and edify, White Lakes Senior Development is an encouraging place for seniors to meet others and remain active within the community.


Dietary Changes

salad-791891_1920Muscle tone gradually diminishes with age. As body composition changes, it’s common for seniors to burn fewer calories. Using fewer calories could lead to weight gain, which might cause health issues for older adults. Learning tips for dietary modifications can help seniors avoid weight gain. Seniors are often told to eat “nutrient-dense” foods, but some wonder exactly what this means. White Lake Senior Development has educational resources designed to help seniors learn about choosing the healthiest menu options to meet special dietary needs.

Importance of Physical Activity

Regular exercise is also an effective way to burn calories, stay strong, and maintain health. By staying active every day, seniors can continue to enjoy all of the activities they have enjoyed their entire lives. Regular exercise also helps keep many chronic conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, and heart disease at bay. Exercise helps keep the brain sharp, and it also minimizes depression and anxiety, which can creep in during the senior years.
Physical activity does not have to be strenuous or difficult to have a positive impact. Just getting out and moving will help almost anyone feel better. Meeting other seniors can be the first step toward incorporating exercise into a daily lifestyle. After meeting new friends active in the White Lake Senior Development program, seniors might spend time walking together or engaging in an exercise program designed for older adults.

White Lake Senior Development wants to partner with seniors to make these years rewarding, active, and memorable. With plentiful resources and organized activities, older adults can remain fit and sharp for many years.