Module three Social class and social stratification

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Term Definition
Caste system A system I stratification in which ines place in the stratification system is determined at birth
Class consciousness The awareness that a class structure exists and the feeling of shared identification with others in ones class with whom one perceives common life chances
Culture of poverty The argument that poverty is a way of life, and like other cultures is passed on from generation to generation
Educational attainment The total years of formal education
Estate system A system of stratification n which the ownership of poverty and the exercise of power is monopolized by an elite or noble class which has total control over societal resources
False consciousness He thought resulting from subordinate classes internalizing the view of the dominant class
Feminization of poverty The process whereby a growing proportion of the poor are women and children
Ideology A belief system that tries to explain and justify that status quo
Income The amount of money brought into a household from various sources during a given year
Life chances The opportunities that people have in common by virtue of belonging to a particular class
Median income