10th Vocab 7-8 10th Grade Vocab Lesson 7-8

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Term Definition
didactic – adj. Intended to teach, overly moralistic, preachy
edify – noun To instruct for intellectual, moral, or spiritual improvement
elucidate – verb To explain or make clear
erudite – adj. Possessing great knowledge and scholarship
esoteric – adj. Understood only by an elite, scholarly, or exclusive group; obscure
imbue – verb to inspire or influence thoroughly; to stain or dye thoroughly
indoctrinate – verb To instruct in or impart certain principles or ideology
pedagogy – noun, adj. The art or profession of teaching (noun); The body of knowledge related to education and teaching (adj.)
pedantic – adj. Overly concerned with or narrowly focused on book learning or formal rules
pundit – noun A person of great learning about a particular topic, an expert; A source of opinion, a critic
aegis – noun Protection, sponsorship, guidance
amends – noun Something done to make up for a wrong, an injury, or a mistake; compensation
conciliatory – adj. Peacemaking, appeasing, intended to overcome distrust, animosity, or conflict
conducive – adj. Tending to cause or bring about; favorable to
extricate – verb To free from difficulty or entanglement
importune – verb To annoy with repeated and insistent requests, to ask for urgently or repeatedly
mediate – verb To help opposing sides reach an agreement; to intervene in a conflict in order to improve the situation
mitigate – verb To make less severe; to soften, lessen, or moderate
patronize – verb To support or sponsor; to shop as a customer; to treat as inferior
renovate – verb To restore something to an earlier condition, by repairing or remodeling

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