12 body systems

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circulatory system a system in the body made up of the heart, blood vesselsand blood that carries blood around the body. Health problems that have to do with the circulatory system includeheart attacks and blood disorders.
Digestive System the parts of the body that work together to break downfood so that it can be used by the body as energy. Inhumans, it includes the mouth, esophagus, stomach, andintestines. In humans, the mouth is the first organ responsible for breakingfood down into
endocrine system the system that works closely with the nervous system tohelp regulate the bodya??s growth and development, mood,tissue function, metabolism and reproductive processes. Ita??s made up of glands, groupings of cells that secretechemical messengers called
Excretory system the system that gets rid of waste in the form of excessliquid and heat energy. In humans, this system includes thekidneys, which produce urine, liquid waste.It is important to drink a lot of water so that your kidneys and therest of your excretory sys
Immune system the bodily system of organs, tissues, cells, and cellproducts, which protects the body by detecting anddisabling microorganisms that cause disease.A person with a strong immune system does not get sick very often.
Lymphatic System a network of vessels that helps keep the level of fluid in thebody balanced. It absorbs excess fluid called lymph frombody tissues and returns it to the bloodstream.The primary function of the lymphatic system is to carry a clear,infection-fighting li
Muscular system the system that gives the body its shape and helps it move.It is made up of muscles that expand and contract.It's important to take days off from lifting weights to give yourmuscular system time to heal.
Nervous system the system of nerves and nerve centers in most animalswith more than one cell.The nerves and brain are parts of the nervous system in humans.
Respiratory system the system that brings oxygen to the body. It is made up ofthe lungs, diaphragm, windpipe, and nasal passages.Asthma is a condition of the respiratory system. It causes problemswith breathing.
Skeletal System the system that provides structure and support to thebody, stores minerals, creates blood cells, protects yourinternal organs, and helps the body move.The skeletal system consists of all the bones, tendons, joints andligaments that protect your organs

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