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Term Definition
art the principles or methods of sculpting, drawing, crafts, skill
abstract art based on natural experiences
abstract to distort
achromatic having no color, most blacks, whites, grays, and browns
additive sculpture adding in coming or building up material ex clay
aesthetics the philosophy of art focusing on questions regarding what art is, concept of beauty
analogous colors (hues) (colors) are neighbor on the color wheel
balance a state of equilibrium between opposing forces of influences
binder the material used in paint that causes pigment particles to adhere to on another "acrylic paint"
biomorphic shape organic shape
cartoon full; scale drawing used as a model for a more larger work
chiaroscuro Italian word meaning light, darker, the gradations of light and dark values
collage from the french word coller means to glue such as paper scraps, photos, and cloth on a flat surface
color scheme a set of color chosen for certain effect
color wheel a circular arrangement of continuous spectral hues
complementary colors two hues directly opposite one another on the color wheel
cool colors colors whose relative visual temperatures make them seem cool hues green or violet
cross hatching parallel lines
hatching technique in drawing and linear form of printmaking
horizon line the implied or actual line or edge placed on a two dimensional surface
hue color
intermediate(tertiary color) a color or hue between a primary and a secondary
line a long narrow part
mass three dimensional form
medium particular material of artist technique or means of expression determined by the use of particular materials

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