Anatomy 1 Block 1 Review

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Term Definition
Cranial towards the head
Caudal towards the tail
Proximal nearest to the attachment or point of origin
Distal farthest from the attachment or point of origin
Intermediate between two structures
Ventral belly side
Dorsal backbone side
Bilateral pair structures on both left and right
Unilateral structure found on only one side
Ipsilateral something found or occurring on the same side
Contralateral something found or occurring on the opposite side
Intrinsic belonging to or lying within a given part
Extrinsic Coming from outside a contained area
Sagittal Left and Right sides
Coronal Front and Back
Transverse horizontal plane
Fovea small pit
sulcus groove
Number of adult bones 206
Endochondral most bones of the skeleton are developed by replacement of a cartilage precursor
Ligament Connective tissue that connects bone to bone
Tendon Connective tissue that connects muscle to bone
Translocation Gliding movement
Synathrosis immovable joints
Amphiarthrosis Little movement joints
Diathrosis Highly moveable joints
Gomphosis peg and socket held together by fibrous connective tissue
Schindylesis Ridged bone fits into a groove.

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