Astronomy Chapter 10 1-15

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Which of the following correctly describes the meaning of albedo? the higher the albedo, the more light the surface reflects, and the less it absorbs
Which of the following worlds has the most substantial atmosphere? Venus
Which of the following planets has the least substantial atmosphere? Mercury
Which of the following worlds has the greatest difference in temperature between its "no atmosphere" temperature and its actual temperature? Venus
Why does Venus have such a great difference in temperature between its "no atmosphere"temperature and its actual temperature? it has has a large amount of greenhouse gases in its atmosphere
Which planet experiences the greatest change between its actual day temperature and actual night temperature? Mercury
Why does Mercury have such a great change in temperature between its day and night?
Earth's stratosphere is heated primarily by which process? absorption of ultraviolet radiation by ozone
Suppose Earth's atmosphere had no greenhouse gases. Then Earth's average surface temperature would be 250 K, which is well below freezing
What are greenhouse gases? gases that absorb ultraviolet light
Which of the following gases absorbs ultraviolet light best? ozone
X rays from the Sun's corona are absorbed in earth's thermosphere
How does the greenhouse effect work? greenhouse gases transmit visible light, allowing it to heat the surface, but then absorb infrared light from Earth, trapping the heat near the surface
The proper order of the layers of a generic atmosphere from lowest altitude to highest is troposphere, stratosphere, thermosphere, exosphere
What is the exosphere? the highest layer in the atmosphere
What is the thermosphere? the part of the atmosphere that absorbs X rays

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