Body Systems

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The building blocks of life are________? cells
The nose, diaphragm, and lungs are part of the________system? respiratory
Your_________system consists of bones and the tissues connecting them? Skeletal
Cardiac muscles are located only in the ___________? Heart
_________in saliva held break down food? Enzymes
The spinal cord and the _________are the main parts of the central nervous system? brain
The places where one bone meets another are__________? joints
The job of the digestive system is to get nutrients to your ________? cells
Blood moves through the body through a network of tubes called_______? Blood Vessels
The job of the excretory system is to rid the body of ______and maintain fluid balance. wastes
The major organs of the excretory system are the colon, kidneys, and bladder? True
The muscles that acts as a pump for the circulatory system is the heart? True
Breathing in brings carbon dioxide into your lungs? False
Blood that is lost can be replaced through a transfusion? True
The large muscle at the bottom of your chest where breathing begins is called the esophagus? False
Calcium strengthens your lungs? False
Muscles move your bones? True
Digestion begins in the stomach? False
Blood is made up of solids and liquids? True
Red blood cells help destroy disease causing germs that enter the body? False

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