cba2 elements compounds, periodic table

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Term Definition
NACHO four elements found in most things on earth.nitrogen, carbon, hydrogen, oxygen
Helium "He" is chem symbol
silver "Ag" is chem symbol
elements pure substance, has only "one" symbol
compounds 2 or more elements chemically combined. More than 1 element symbol
hydrogen lightest element, atomic number 1
H2O2 hydrogen peroxide–is made with 2 elements
metals shiney luster, good conductor of heat and electricity. Malleable and Ductile
nonmetals dull luster, poor conductor of heat and electricity. Brittle
metalloids combo of metals and nonmetals
glucose C6 H12 O6—3 elements
cobalt "Co" chem symbol
Carbon Monoxide "CO" formula for compound
nitrogen "N" chem symbol
calcium "Ca" chem symbol
water H2O is a compound, not an element
salt compound NaCl Sodium Chloride
rusting nail chemical change or reaction
boiling water physical change
combustion burning–chemical change
brittle property of a non metal
malleable property of metal–flattened into sheets
ductile property of metal–stretched into wires

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