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What is celiac disease Autoimmune disease of tissue destruction from chronic inflammation. Activated by eating gluten.
Where is celiac most severe In the duodenum
Classic clinical manifestations of celiac DiarrheaConstipationFlatulenceVomitingAbdominal distentionMalnutrition
Atypical clinical manifestations of celiac Iron deficiency anemiaVitamin b12, c and k deficiencyDecreased bone density OsteoporosisDermatitis herpetiformDelayed growth, delayed puberty
Diagnosis of celiac IgASmall intestine biopsySymptoms disappear with gluten free diet
Complications of celiac Iron deficiency anemiaIncreased non-hodgkina??s lymphomaIncreased risk of GI cancerOsteoporosis
Treatment of celiac disease Gluten free diet

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