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Southern most part of north Consist of seven countries Central America
One of the most stable and prosperous countries in Latin America One of a few sovereign nations that does not have a standing armyClimate is tropical year round with a dry and rainy season Most visited of all Central AmericaMost visited of all Costa Rica
Who is the pioneer of eco-tourism Costa Rica
Capital city of Costa Rica Modern, safe cityMany theatres, inspired by European architecture Starting point for many tours of the country San Jose
SJO San Jose
Closest city to Manuel Antonio national parkMany bars and restaurants with a great nightlifePark is known for its beaches but is also in a tropical forest with many animals, sloths, monkeys, dolphins etcScuba diving, snorkelling, hiking, kayaking Quepos Costa Rica
What is the airport code for Liberia LIB
Major centre for tourism Nicknamed the "white city" because of its whitewashed buildings Tourist fly here for the pacific coast beaches Liberia
Located on the pacific coast of Costa Rica Famous for surfing and ecotourism Where the leatherback turtles lay its eggs Tamarindo
Spanish for "the fortune" due to being spared from the Arenal volcano eruptingOnly 10KM from the peak of the volcano Fourtuna waterfall drops 70 metres Several natural hot springs, day trips, horseback riding, whitewater rafting La Fortuna
Known mostly for its proximity to monteverde cloud forest Serpentarium, insect museums, butterfly gardensZip lining, suspension bridgesMonteverde cloud Forest reserve has extreme biodiversity; plants mammals insects birds Monteverde Highest amount of orchids in one place
"Land of the turtles" Village on the Caribbean coast that is only accessible by boat or planeKnown for the canals that run through the rainforest in the national park Beaches are key nesting sites for four species of sea turtles Tortuguero
Located on the east coast of Central America on the the Caribbean Sea Considered to be a Central American and Caribbean country Granted independence from Britain in 1981Rich variety of wildlife English is the official language Belize
What is the capital city and airport code for Belize Belmopan (BCV)
Series of coral reefs straddling the coast of Belize Top tourist destination in the country Home to the great blue hole, a sinkhole flooded with water when the oceans roseLarge diversity of plants and animals Under threat from coral bleaching Belize Barrier Reef (UNESCO)Scuba diving and snorkelling
Belize City airport code BZE
Largest city in Belize Cruise port Destination for westjet Belize city
Largest island of Belize San Pedro is the only town on the islandMain attractions are its proximity to the Belize barrier reef Ambergris caye
Nature reserve in south central BelizeEstablished to protect the forest and animals in the Mayan mountains First wilderness sanctuary for the Jaguar Cosckscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary
Large ancient Maya archeological siteCovered A larger area than present day Belize city and had a larger populationNamed after the large population of snails found at the site Caracol
Spanish influences mixed with indigenous culture Political instability One of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere Honduras
Airport code for Tegucigalpa TGU
Capital city of Honduras Situated in a valley surrounded by mountains Main hotel zone is the central contemporary area No urban planning so the city highly unorganized Tegucigalpa
Areological site in western Honduras Was a powerful city ruling a vast empire A significant portion was eroded away by the Copan River before it was diverted to avoid further damage Copan
Roatan airport code RTB
Largest of the Bay Islands Honduras Located in the Caribbean off the north coast On exposed ancient coral reef Cruise port English speaking because of its past as a British colony Most resorts are located in West Bay Roatan
Independent nation in 1903Political turmoil and corrupt government until after the us invasion Panama
Artificial waterway that connects Atlantic and Pacific oceansUS built the canal, which open in 1914They controlled the canal and the area around it until 1977 when it was given back to PanamaTake 6 to 8 hours to pass through the canal Panama Canal
Expanded to three locks, which opened in 2016Bridge of the Americas is the road bridge that crosses over the pacific opening of the canal Panama Canal
What is the airport code for panama city PTY
Capital city of panamaLocated at the Pacific entrance to the Panama CanalGreat shopping and entertainmentHotspot for adventure travel and ecotourism Panama city
Some of the most beautiful beaches in the regionOne and a half hours from Panama CityAll-inclusive resorts are located hereWarm weather in water Playa Blanca
Cruise port near the Atlantic entrance to the Panama Canal City was founded by the Americans Massive restoration project is underway for the city Colon
Largest border is with Mexico Struggles with poverty, crime, and the drug tradeArchaeological sites, pre-Hispanic cities, religious centres Guatemala
Airport code for Guatemala City GUA
Capital city of Guatemala Historic city with all the amenities of a modern city Guatemala City
The very heart of Guatemala City in the historic district Many important buildings are located here; National Palace, Metropolitan Cathedral, etc Square is where all the important events happen in the city Parque Central (constitution square)
Capital city before Guatemala City Well-preserved architecture and colonial churches Extravagant religious celebrations for Lent and EasterPopular day trip for cruisers Good base to visit other areas in the country Antigua Guatemala (UNESCO)
Ruins of an ancient city in the rainforest of Guatemala One of the largest archaeological sites for pre-Columbian Maya civilization Six large temples Part of the Tikal National Park Tikal (UNESCO)
Located in the Sierra Madre mountainsCoffee and avocado cropsMaya culture is still prevalent and traditional dress is still worn Lake Atitlan
Known for its traditional culture Spanish is not the main language Famous for its market days where locals sell handicrafts, food, flowers, etc Chichiastenago
Located between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea Home to the second largest rainforest in the Americas "Land of lakes and volcanoes"Capital city is Managua Nicaragua
Located in the northern and Southern Hemispheres Made up of twelve countries and two non-sovereign territories Economic gap between the rich and the poor is larger than most continents Millions of tourists visit each year South America
Northern coast of South America Capital city is Caracas (CCS) Revolution in the late 1990s under Hugo Chavez Worlds largest oil reserves Dangerous for foreign travellers and investors Venezuela

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