Ch 10 Muslim World

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The duties or main beliefs of Islam are called? 5 pillars
What do Muslims believe about Muhammad? The last and greatest prophet
The house of worship and leader of religious services are called what and what? Mosque and muezzin
A system of law that regulates the family life, moral conduct, business life, and community life of muslims. Sharia
The pilgrimage that each Muslim strives to make at least once in a lifetime. Hajj
What does Islam mean in Arabic Allah
Who did Muslims consider "people of the book"? Jews and christians
How were conquered peoples treated by the Muslim Empire? They were tolerant of them
What was the birthplace of Islam? Mecca and Medina
After the death of Muhammad, internal conflict in Islam developed because… Never specified a successor or told them how to choose one
What was true of the rightly guided caliphs? All had a relationship with Muhammad
Which is not true of the Muslim class system? Some class mobility existed with conversion to Islam
Why did Islam spread successfully and develop and empire? Felt the religion gave them more equality, excited about teaching and converting religion, display military and strong leadership
All three monotheists religions teach the same ethical values such… Love compassion respect and honesty
What was the main difference between the Sunni and shiite branches of Islam? Shia believe the caliph needed to me relevant of Muhammad
What was the preferred method of Muslim scientists? Observation based on logical experiments
How did the beliefs and practice of Islam create unity and strength amount Muslims in the 600' It provided a common faith
Why was Mecca an important city in western Arabia? Mecca was the center of trade and had the site of ka'aba
How did Islam spread Arabic culture? As people learned Arabic for worship they could then understand Arabic culture
Why did the Shia oppose the rule of the Umayyads? They were not Muhammad's desendents
What attracted non-Muslims to Islamic culture? Religious teachings learning and prosperity and stays in society
What ties the Abbasid caliphate and the independent Muslims states together? Religion language and trade
What was the role of women in society in Muslim society? Raising children relating to marriage family and property
How did Muslim scholars help preserve the knowledge of the ancient Greeks and romans By collecting translating and critiquing ancient texts
What role did cities play in the advancement of Muslim culture? Arts and learning and it demonstrated rulers wealth and sophistication
What united the scholars of different cultures who worked in the house of wisdom? A love of learning
What do you consider the most significant developments in scholarship and the arts during the reign of the Abbasids? Calligraphy literature algebra optics and guide for the perplexed
What was the government of Muslim culture? Theocracy(monarchy)
What was the religion? Islam
What was the social class structure King government officials merchants/artisans farmers and religious officials
What was the job specialization? Government officials merchants trading artisans teachers and farmers
What were the public works? Calligraphy poetry literature and domes/mosques
What were the cities? Mecca and Damascus
What was the writing? Arabic
What was the art/architecture? Poetry literature paintings domes/mosques and building of universities

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