Ch.10 nervous system

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Cerebell/o Cerebellum
Cerebr/o Cerebrum
Dur/o Dura mater
Encephal/o Brain
Gli/o Glial cells
Lept/o Thin, slender
Mening/o Membranes
Meningi/o Menings
My/o Muscle
Myel/o Spinal cord
Neur/o Nerve
Pont/o Pons
Radicul/o Nerve root
Thalam/o Thalamus
Thec/o Sheath
Vag/o Vagus nerve (10th cranial nerve)
Alges/o -algesia Excessive sensitivity to pain
-algia Pain
Caus/o Burning
Comat/o Deep silence (coma)
Esthesi/o -esthesa Feeling, nervous sensation
Kines/o kinesi/o Movement
-kinesia, -kinesis Movement
-kinetic Movement
-lepsy Seizure
Lex/o Word, phrase
-paresis Weakness
-phasia Speech
-plegia Paralysis (loss ability to move parts of body)
-praxia Action
-sthenia Strength
Syncop/o To cut off, cut short
Tax/o Order, coordination

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