Ch. 7 Study Guide-2

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What are charitable aid organizations that helped immigrants cope with problems? Churches, synagogues, temples, and benevolent societies
What tried to impose literacy tests on all immigrants? Immigration Restriction League
What helped the creation of suburbs? The expansion of transportation from cities into outlying areas.
What made up the middle class in the late 1800's? Clerks, managers, salespeople, teachers and small business owners
What made city life worse for the poor? Poorly built apartment buildings, overcrowding, lots of pollution, and filthy living conditions like raw sewage and garbage in the streets.
What were the goals of the Social Gospel? The goal was to battle against poverty by using principles of the churches to make change.
What laws required parents to send their children to school? Compulsory Education Laws
What is Yellow Journalism? Reporting things that were not true to change how people thought.
What sport in the Victorian era encouraged women to participate? Basketball
Were there any immigrants deported? If so, Why? If they had a criminal record from their country, if the had a disease or were ill, and if they had no way to support themselves (money, a job, or family here that could help them.)
Were there any government assistant programs set up for the poor in the late 1800's? Very few.

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