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What are charitable aid organizations that helped immigrants cope with problems? They helped with money and insurance and such.
What tried to impose literacy tests on all immigrants? so they knew how smart they were when they came to America
What helped the creation of suburbs? In the illustrative case of Rome, Italy, in the 1920s and 1930s, suburbs were intentionally created ex nova in order to give lower classes a destination,
What made up the middle class in the late 1800's? Accountants, Clerks, Engineers, etc.
What made city life worse for the poor? Poorly built apartment buildings
What were the goals of the Social Gospel? To confront social injustice and improve conditions for industrial workers
What laws required parents to send their children to school? because of the required study for cultural events
What is Yellow Journalism? journalism that is based upon sensationalism and crude exaggeration.
What sport in the Victorian era encouraged women to participate? BAsketball
Were there any immigrants deported? If so, Why? yes about 70% of them did because They tryd to come to the United States to escape poverty or persecution
Were there any government assistant programs set up for the poor in the late 1800's? A program involving money and insurance

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