Chapter 16 Anmesia and Dementia

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Term Definition
Amnesia Temporary or permanent impairment of the memory system
Hysterical Amnesias Psychologically based, temporary, no brain damage involved.
Physically Induced amnesias Main symptom severe difficulty learning new information (nut not skills). Identity is typically retained. Memory for distant past is relatively spared.
Retrograde Amnesia Inability to recall information prior to event that caused amnesia. Memory closer to time of trauma is worse. Recovery of past goes chronologically, and last few minutes many never be recovered.
Anterograde Amnesia Inability to learn new information.
Post- Traumatic Amnesia Temporary state of confusion. Non- recognition. Not remembering new information. Retrograde Amnesia.
Global Amnesia A severe and pervasive deficit learning new information, with other cognitive functions remaining relatively intact.
Cause of Global Amnesia Damage to the medial temporal lobe (hippocampus) or the diencephalon
Causes of damage to Hippocampus Not likely damaged by head injury. The Hippocampus is highly sensitive to the metabolic or chemical environment of the brain.
Patient H.M Young man with above average IQ had uncontrollable epilepsy. Has hippocampus removed to reduce seizures. Worked, but left severe memory deficits.
Patient H.M is a pure case of Global amnesia
Korsakoff's Syndrome Results from chronic alcoholism . Directly from associated Thiamine (Vitamin B) deficiency. Common case of global amnesia.
Encephalitis Swelling of the brain
Encephalitis causes Caused by infection
Anoxic Episode Brain is deprived of oxygen Results from near drowning or heart attack
Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) Shock Treatment. Use to treat depression.
Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) can.. Ability to learn new information recovers and information learned during the course of treatment is usually not recoverable.
What amnesic patients cant learn well? Impaired on episodic memory tests. Memory for facts and events. Recall, cued recall, and recognition tests.
What amnesia patients can learn? Implicit Skill Learning Non-Associative Learning
Implicit Learning Rotary PursuitMirror Tracing Reading Mirror-Reversed Test
Non- Associative Learning Serial Reaction Time (SRT)Artificial grammarJigsaw Puzzle

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