chapter6 road to revolution vocabulary

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King George lll he was king of great Britain and wanted to enforce the proclamation but yet also keep peace with native american allies.
Quartering act This was a cost-saving measure that required the colonies to quarter or pass British soldiers and provide them with supplies
Revenue supplies / income.
Sugar act It was a law that placed a tax on sugar, molasses, and other products shipped to the colonies.
Stamp act A law that required all legal and commercial document to carry an official stamp showing that a tax has been paid.
Patrick Henry A member of Virginia's House of Burgesses, called for resistance was treason.
boycott A refusal to buy
Sons of liberty Theses colonists were most affected by the stamp act and protested against the act.
Crispus Attucks An African American slave who escaped by running away to sea and spent time as a sailor.
Townshend acts It was a series of British acts passes
writs of assistance British officers would do this or search warrants to enter homes or businesses to search for smuggled goods.
Samuel Adams A leader of the Boston son of liberty.
Boston Massacre A shooting caused by British soldiers being angry
John Adams A lawyer and cousin of Sam Adams, defended them in court
committees of correspomdence Samuel Adams started this so people would not forget the cause of liberty
Boston Tea Party A group of men blocked tea ships from landing.
militia a force of armed citizens pledged to defend their community.
minutemen trained to "be ready to act at a minute's warning."
intolerable acts the parliament passes a series of laws to punish the Massachusetts colonies and to serve as a warning to other colonies
first continental congress people voted to ban all trade with Britain until the intolererable acts were replaced.
Paul revere a Boston sliver smith.
Lexington and New concord were the first battle of the revolutionary war
loyalists were those who supported the british
patriots those who sided with the rebels
Ethan allen he led the band of backwoodsmen known as the great mountain boys
artillery cannon and large guns.
second continental congress a group agreeing to form the continental army.
continental army washington was the commanding general
Benedict arnold An officer who had played a role in the victory of fort ticonderoga
declaration of independence a committee
Thomas Jefferson he was chosen to compose the declaration

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