chapter6 road to revolution vocabulary

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Term Definition
king George III the British monarch.
Quartering required colonies to quarter, or house, British soldiers and provide them with .
revenue income ,to meet its expenses .
sugar act placed a tax on sugar,molasses, and other products shipped to colonies.
stamp act required all legal and commercial documents to carry an official stamp showing that a tax had been paid.
Patrick Henry member of Virginia's house of Burgess , called for resistance to the tax.
boycott it is a refusal to buy
sons of liberty secret societies,they would stage protests
Crispus Attucks knew about the struggle for freedom. The son of anAfrican-American father and a Native American mother
townshend acts suspended New York's assembly also placed duties, or import taxes
writs of assistance search warrants, to enter homes
Samuel Adams leader of Bostons sons of liberty
Boston massacre British fired and killed Attucks and more
John Adams a lawyer and cousin of Samuel adams
committee of correspondence groups in the thirteen colony exchanged letters on colonial affairs
Boston tea party a group of men disguised as native Americans boarded three tea ships docked in Boston harbor destroyed tea chests
militia was a force of armed civilians pledge to defend there community
minuteman trained to be ready to act at a minute's warning
intolerable acts punish the Massachusetts colony and serve a warning to the others
First continental congress meeting of all the 13 colonies but Georgia vote to ban trade with British
Paul revere silver smith, messenger,spreading news about British troops movment
Lexington and concord first battle of the revolutionary war
Loyalist who supported the british
patriot who supported the repels
Ethan Allen lead the band of backwoodsmen
Artillery cannons and large guns
Second continental congress delegated from the thirteen colonies
Continental army was formed by the Second Continental Congress after the outbreak of the American Revolutionary War
Benedict Arnold was an officer played a role in the victory of ticonderoga
Declaration of independence declaring freedom to the thirteen colony's
Thomas Jefferson he composed the declaration and good writer

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