Chapters 25,32-35

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Ergonomics Adaptation of work enviroment and task to the human body
Musculoskeletal disorders Painful condition that affect muscle and bone
Neutral position Position when the body is properly aligned and weight distribution is equal throughout the spine
Dental operatory Dental treatment room and control center of clinical area
Rheostat Foot pedal that controls the hand piece
Supine position Lying down position where head,chest, knee are all the same level
Tritirate Process of mechanically mixing a material
Four-handed dentistry Process which the operator and assistant work together to preform procedure
Fulcrum Finger rest used when one holds an instrument for a specified time
Grasp The correct way to hold an instrument or hand piece
Blade Flare edge of instrument , sharp enough to cut
Handle Part of dental instrument that the operator grasps
Serrated Notchlike projections that extend from a flat surface
Shank Part of instrument attaching handle to working end
Tactile Having sense of touch or feeling
Working end Part of dental instrument that is used on a tooth or when materials are mixed
Dental hand piece Electrical instrument used to hold rotary instruments
Bur Steel or tungsten carbide rotary cutting instrument
Flutes Blades on working end of a finishing rotary instrument
Laser Fibre optic cable producing a laser light
Rotary Part of device that rotates around on axis
Mandrel Metal shaft on which abrasive materials are mounted
Torque Twisting or turning force
Ultrasonic Instrument that loosens and removes debris by sounds waves
Console Free standing cabinet that holds contents

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