Civics Unit 4

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Term Definition
Administration All of the officials working within the U.S. Executive Branch
Ambassador Someone sent to another sovereign nation as a representative of his or her country
Biennial Happening every two years
Budget The plan for what money is going to be spent on in one year
Bureaucracy A government in which choices are upheld by non-elected officials
Cabinet Selected officials which are the heads of the departments, belonging to the President
Checks and balances a system in which one branch checks another so one won't become too powerful
Commission Form of government in which the legislative and executive powers are upheld by a small band of commissioners
Commute When a penalty is changed to something less harse
Diplomacy When two countries try to find a solution or compromise
Electoral college They make the ultimate decision in electing president and vice president
Elector Anyone part of the electoral college in the United States
Embassy A group of officials leaded by an ambassador
Executive agencies An agency part of the executive branch. ex. FBI
Executive Departments A department belonging to the executive branch
Federalism Supporting a strong national government
Government Officials that make, enforce, and declare laws constitutional for a sovereign nation
Impeach To accuse a government official of wrongdoing
Order of succession List of people who may become president if the current one dies, resigns, or is removed from office
Pardon Power given to the president allowing him or her to forgive someone of an offense
Regulatory commission An independent agency that regulates transportation and energy resources
Reprieve A power given to the President, allowing him or her to delay a punishment for someone
State of the Union When the president keeps congress updated on what the country is doing good at and where they should improve
Separation of powers Certain powers are given and divided among the legislative, executive, and judicial branch
Veto When the President doesn't like a law and sends it back to congress for revision

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