Ecology Test Review

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What are decomposers? Where do they fit into a food chain? they are organisms that break down wastes and dead organisms and change them into usable nutrients for other organisms
What are detrivores? consumers that feed at every trophic level, obtaining their energy and nutrients from dead organic matter
Name the three food pyramids Pyramid of numbers, Pyramid of biomass, Pyramid of energy
What happens to the 90 % of energy that is lost while going up a trophic level? It is used for chemical reactions (metabolism) as well as heat.
What is the total amount of energy lost from producers to the 3rd consumers? 99.9% of energy
How does a habitat differ from an ecosystem?
What is mutualism? give an example
What is commensalism? give an example
What is parasitism? give an example
Why does competition in an ecosystem occur?
What is symbiosis?
What is adaptive radiation?

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