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Term Definition
1. trust vs mistrust birth-1trust and form loving bond with ppl or else will develop fear of ppl
2. autonomy vs shame/doubt 1-2motivated and learn self control or else will develop insecurity and dependency
3. initiative vs. guilt 3-5more confident, builds, and becomes busy-away from parents or will think their thoughts and actions are wrong/bad/inferior
4. industry vs inferiority 6-12demand for new skills and compares self to peers and is proud of accomplishments or consistent failure can lead to feeling inferior
5. identity vs role confusion teensexplore roles, span away from parents or will lack self awareness and occ roles
6. intimacy vs isolation young adultspressure to dev intimate relationships or will have fear of commitment
7. generativity vs stagnation adultwants to leave lasting mark, look for satisfaction in roles or will believe life is meaningless
8. ego integrity vs despair older adultdevelop satisfaction in life with minimal regrets or will have many regrets or what did or did not do

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