ESPS Vocabulary To help with finals

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Term Definition
Astronomy Astronomy is a branch of science that deals with space and space related things
Big Bang Theory The big bang theory is a theory that states that a grand explosion created the universe
Red Shift When light shifts towards the right/red side
Blue Shift When light shifts towards the left/blue side
Frequency The amount of times a thing happens within a given time
Wavelength The distance between certain wave heights
Absolute Brightness (Magnitude) How bright a star would be is it was a certain distance away from the earth
Apparent Brightness (Magnitude) A measure of brightness
Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) electromagnetic radiation left over from the big bang
Universe everything considered as a whole
Galaxy A system of various stars
Electromagnetic spectrum range of wavelengths over electromagnetic radiation
AU – Astronomical Unit A unit of measurement
Light Year a distance equal to how far light can travel in a year
Cosmology The study of the creation of the universe

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