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term Definition
adminstration a body of administrators
ambasdor highest rank sent by one sovereign or state to another as its resident representative
biennal lasting for two years or occurring every two years
budget is an annual financial statement
bureaucracy refers to both a body of non elective government officials and an administrative policy-making group
Cabinet real executive power rests with a cabinet
checks and balances fundamental principle
commission s a form of municipal government that vests all legislative and executive authority
comute something changing
diplomacy The art and practice of conducting negotiations
electoral college people being elected
electoars being eleced
embasy body of persons entrusted with a mission to a sovereign or government
executive agencies is a part of a government department that is treated as managerially and budgetarily separate, to carry-out some part of the executive functions
executive departments The branch of federal and state government that is broadly responsible for implementing
fedarlseim is a system of government in which entities such as states or provinces share power with a national government
goverment the order in which persons may become or act as President
impeach presdiant gets kicked out
order of sussesion the order in which persons may become or act as President
pardon decision to allow a person who has been convicted of a crime, to be free and absolved
regulatory commission A regulatory agency
reprieve give temporary relief
state of the union a yearly address delivered each January by the president of the US to Congress
sepration of powers an act of vesting the legislative
veto dening a law

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