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reasons why American colonists settled where they did The settlers from England went to both explore the new world to discover its vast and unclaimed riches and others went to escape both religious and other forms of persecution.
foundations of American democracy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
why did the anti-federalists oppose the ratification of the constitution in 1787 the anti federalists where afraid that if the central government was to strong to oppose then they would relive the horrors they had experienced whilst under the rule of the ruler of Brittan at the time king George the III
Thomas Paine and common sense common sense was a pamphlet written by Thomas Paine during the colonial era to inspire the people to fight for there rights and seek independence from the oppressive rule of England
shays rebellion the rebellion was composed of over a thousand farmers led by shay due to increased taxes
Louisiana purchase the Louisiana purchase was a trade between napoleon and united states government in which the French government agreed to sell the Louisiana territory to the U.S. at the cost of 15 million dollars
Missouri compromise of 1820 the compromise originated from the settlers of Missouri which desired to be admitted to the union but due to a disagreement they could decide whether to admit the state as a territory that would allow slavery to be legal within its boundaries in the end
Missouri compromise of 1820 part 2 it was decided that Missouri would be admitted as a slave state whilst main would become a free state thus the Louisiana territory being divided into the free north and the enslaved south
compromise of 1820 the compromise would become one of the deciding factors for the birth of the civil war through the compromise it was decided that California would be admitted to the union as a free state though at a the high cost of stricter laws concerning the slaves
compromise of 1820 part 2 and their treatment
manifest destiny manifest destiny is considered the belief that the united states destiny is to stretch from coast to cost across America
economic differences between the north and south prior to the civil war the north was a mechanical beast in the industry of manufacturing that mainly focused on such things as textiles, iron and other such man made things the north had many methods of transportation such as railroads and canals they also held a population
economic differences between the north and south prior to the civil war part 2 advantage over the souththe south mainly focused their economy on agriculture such as cotton, Tabaco, and sugar over 25% of there population consisted of slaves they had access to fewer forms of transportation
Lincoln's goal in the civil was Lincoln's goal was to preserve the union due to the abolishment of slavery not being immediately put into effect after the war
Seneca Falls Convention Women's convention focusing on social, civil, and religious conditions along with matters of women's rights.
Reconstruction Period Post civil war rebuilding of the south formulated originally by Lincoln and later changed and executed by Andrew Johnson.
Andrew Johnson and the reconstruction period Johnson changed Lincoln's plan of reconstruction and gave the South back their property, and the rights to govern themselves. leading to new injustices like black codes.
Results of the Civil War union victory 620,000 dead many more injured/ emancipation proclamation/south in great need of rebuilding/ many displaced slaves.
Black codes Laws put in place to prevent maintain white supremacy. laws that prevent black from acquiring specific trades,/ stop blacks from testifying against non blacks/ and prohibiting interracial marriage.
Native Americans Indigenous people of North America
Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 Act prohibiting Chinese from entering the US, because the people believed that were taking American jobs.
Indian wars between 1860-1890 1864 Massacre at Sand Creek/1866 Fetterman's Massacre/1868 Red River War/1876 Custer's last stand/1890 wounded knee
Homestead Act 1862 Granting adult heads of households 160 acres of surveyed public land for 5 years contentious residence on that land.
Transcontinental Railroad Rail line constructed in the US between 1863-1869 west of the Mississippi and Missouri river
Development of the great plains The railroads transformed the great plains from low population and primary Native Americans, to agriculture heartland of both US and Canada
Three-fifths compromise This was how slaves were counted. Every 5 slaves would be counted as 3 taxable people.
Reconstruction goals after civil war Lincoln: wanted everyone under the union and to rebuild the south as such. Johnson: wanted to still allow the south to govern themselves ad rebuild on their own.
Economic impact of the civil war The North flourished in agriculture, banking, population, and mechanical colleges. The south was in ruins and in need of new labor laws, rebuilding, and wealth.
Tenements Run down and often overcrowded apartments houses in the city.
Women's Suffrage Movement A women's movement to fight for the rights of women. Like voting and holding office.
Battleship Maine 260 dead in explosions sinking the USS battleship Maine in Cuba's Harbor leading to the Spanish American War
Why was the US worried about Great Britain during the Civil War There was a chance that Britain could take the side of the confederacy.
Impressment forcing unwilling individuals into naval service with or without notice.
Trail of Tears The forcing of Native Americans off their land and into designated territory. The walk over thousands of mile was sometimes fatal.
Why did the south secede the union Slavery. The south refused to the abolishment of slavery.
Emancipation Proclamation abolishment of slavery
Why could Lincoln not carry out his plan of reconstruction assassinated in 1865
Muckrakers writers preWW1 that used literature to reform and expose political and economic corruption and social hardships.
Who had great opportunity during WW1 when they did not before the war women began filling positions nor available to the pre WW1
Treaty of Versailles 1919 peace treaty that officially ended WW1 between allied associated powers and Germany.
Why did the US enter WW1 Germany sunk several US cargo ships, including the Ocean Liner Lusitania.
League of Nations Post WW1 organization created out of the Treaty of Versailles establishing a collective security organization to prevent future world wars.
American Reaction to WW1 women held a peace movement/ some were scared/and business men though it was great for business due to equipment production.
Lusitania sinking The Ocean Liners sinking by German military was crucial to the American involvement in the war.
Zimmermann Telegram 1917 proposal from Germany to Mexico in the case of America joining the war. This was intercepted and decoded by British Intelligence .

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