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House of Burgesses
Parts from the Declaration of Independence
From where does the power come from stated in the declaration of independence
Legislative Branch
Why did Federalist agree to add a Bill of rights to the constitution
Federalists beliefs on the Constitution
Some main areas that did the Constitution provide?
Election of 1800
Judicial Review
What court case established Judicial Review
Central idea of democracy
According to the Declaration of Independence, from where should the government derive their legitimacy?
One goal of the American Revolution
Know what the 14th, 15th, 19, and 21st amendments were all about.
Political Machines
Reapportionment of the Constitution
The concept in the opening words of the Preamble
Procedures for a president to be removed from office
Pocketbook Vote
What are the following course cases about?:Marbury v. MadisonRoe v. WadePlessy v. FergusonMcCullouch v Maryland
Cloture Motion
Formal qualifications to run for President and/or Congress
Due Process
How many amendments are in the Constitution today?
What are the Bill of Rights?
Double Jeopardy
Refugees v. illegal aliens
Biggest entitlement program
Magna Carta
Progressive Tax v. Flat Tax
What do Article I, II, and III establish in the Constitution
What did the framers of the Constitution intend to establish?
Establishment Clause
Steps for an amendment to be adopted
Articles of Confederation
Civic Duty v. Jury Duty
Closed Party v. Open Party
Who is responsible for forming the boundaries of the US congressional districts?

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