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Reason why American Colonists settled where they did The American colonists settled where they did because they were trying to escape religious prosecution and also trying to gain independence.
foundations of American Democracy
Why did the Anti-Federalists oppose of the ratification of the constitution in 1787? The anti-federalists feared that by ratifying the constitution it would give to much power to the government
Thomas Paine and common sense Published in 1776, was the first work to openly ask for independence from Britain.
declaration of independence This document was adopted at the second continental congress meeting at Pennsylvanian. stated freedom from Britain.
shays rebellion was an armed uprising in Massachusetts during 1786-1787 war vet named Daniel shays
Louisiana purchase US buying land from France 1803. Thomas Jefferson bought this land fearing France would build an empire there
Missouri compromise of 1820 A settlement against slave states and free states during 1820-1821
compromise of 1850 A set of laws passed during the heat of the dispute against people who are for slavery and people who are against it
manifest destiny the belief that the expansion of US was justified and inevitable
economic differences of the north and the south prior to the civil war there was no economic difference before the war, cotton prices were at an all time high before the war started
Lincoln goal in the civil war His one goal during the civil war was to preserve or save the union. he was willing do to anything in order to save the union
Seneca falls convention this was the first woman's rights convention
reconstruction period 1865-1877 the rebuilding of the south after it was damaged by the civil war
president Andrew Johnson and the reconstruction period
result of the civil war
black codes
Native Americans
Chinese exclusions act of 1882
Indian wars between 1860 through 1890
Homestead act of 1862
transcontinental railroad
development of the great plains
three fifths compromise
reconstruction goals after the civil war
economic impact of the civil war
tenements houses or apartment building that were made in suburban areas, very low rent not very sanitary or good place to live with a family bigger than 3
women's' suffrage movement
Battle Ship Maine
why was the north worried about great Britain during the civil war
trail of tears the trail in which the US government forced several Native American tribes to migrate west of the Mississippi
why did the south secede from the union
emancipation proclamation was an executive order put out on 1/1/1863 by president Lincoln freeing all slaves in all areas of the US not then under control of the union.
why could Lincoln carry out his plan of reconstruction
who had great job opportunities during WWI when they did not before the war The immigrants and most minorities had great job opportunities because while all the white people went to war they left there jobs behind so businesses were desperate to hire
treaty Versailles
why did the US enter WWI Germany was breaking rules by continuing to have submarine warfare in the North Atlantic, and also Germany tried to form an alliance with mexico
league of nations
american reactions to WWI People wanted to stay neutral, due to the high immigrant population it was hard to pick a side
Lusitania sinking
Zimmerman telegram

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