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Arch A fingerprint pattern in which the ridge pattern originates from one side of the print and leaves from the other side
Core A center of a loop or whorl
Delta A triangular ridge pattern with ridges that go in different directions above and below a triangle
Fingerprint An impression left on any surface that consists of patterns made by the ridges on a finger
Latent fingerprint A hidden fingerprint made visible through the use of powders or other techniques
Loop A fingerprint pattern in which the ridge pattern flows inward and returns in the direction of the origin
Minutiae The combination of details in the shapes and positions of ridges in fingerprints that make each unique also called ridge characteristics
Patent fingerprints A visible fingerprint that happens when fingers with blood, ink, or some other substance on them touch a surface and transfer the pattern of their fingerprint to that surface
Plastic fingerprint A 3-dimensional fingerprint made in a soft material such as clay, soap, or putty
Ridge pattern The recognizable pattern of the ridges found in the end joints of fingers that form lines on the surfaces of objects in a fingerprint. Fall into 3 categories: arches, loops, whorls
Ten card A form used to record and preserve a person’s fingerprints
Whorl A fingerprint pattern that resembles a bull’s-eye
Fingerprints are a result of oil and secretions from skin mixing with dirt True
Fingerprints are a form of class evidence False
It is needed to obtain a full print from a suspect in order to match his fingerprint with a fingerprint found at a crime scene False
Plastic prints must be dusted or treated in order to identify the ridge patterns. False
Loops are the most common form of fingerprints True
Fingerprints are formed deep within the dermis layer of the skin False
With the aid of IAFIS, it is possible to obtain a fingerprint match within several hours True
The type of powder used to dust prints will vary depending upon the weather conditions when the print is lifted False
Fingerprints of the left hand are mirror images of the fingerprints on the right hand False
Similar print or ridge patterns can also be found on the toes True
Fingerprints are formed At 10 weeks gestation
Fingerprints that are actual indentations left in some soft material such as clay or putty are referred to as Plastic fingerprints
The use of fingerprints in identification is not perfect because The current technology depends on humans to input and analyze the information and humans make mistakes
The 3 main types of fingerprints are classified as Loops, whorls, and arches
A small triangular region is one characteristic found in a fingerprint. This triangular region is known as a Delta
Describe how to take a ridge count from a fingerprint Find the delta in a fingerprint and find the core in a fingerprint, circle both. Draw a line connecting the core and the delta, count the ridges and you have a ridge count
Write the brief definition of the term fingerprint Imprints of ridges on our fingers that have been pressed against objects
Describe how fingerprints are formed In the 10th week of pregnancy the fetus begins to develop fingerprints as the basal layer bends and folds on top of itself
It is possible to alter fingerprints Yes. You can burn off your fingerprints using fire or acid. You can have them changed surgically
Another way to make prints visible is to apply certain chemicals. What aspect of a fingerprint chemically reacts with each of the following 1 1a) ninhydrin- reacts with amino acids found in sweatb) cyanoacrylate- reacts with amino acids
Another way to make prints visible is to apply certain chemicals. What aspect of a fingerprint chemically reacts with each of the following 2 2c) silver nitrate- chloride from salt in sweat on the print combined with silver nitrate forming silver chloride d) iodine fuming- iodine combines with carbohydrates in latent print

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