General Vocab College

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Term Definition
verbatim word for word
disparage be little, humilite, depreciation go say unpleasant things
impromptu On the spot, without prepration
Jargon technical words
seterotype oversimplified image
articulation your vice expression, The act or process of speaking
orate speaking in a femous manner
extemporaneous speak with no preparation
laudable praiseworthy, admirable
chronic continued
pristine extremely clean
caustic hursh, capable of burning
sedentary lazy, very little motivation
epidemic contagious diseases, spread quickly to infect many, ????? ????
notorious well-known , very famous , celebrity
immune protected , exempted
obstacle restriction, obstruction
devastated destroying emotionally
wallow submerge yourself , become very involved.
adversity hardship, a difficult time in life

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