Giver Vocab 15-19

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burden (noun)a difficult or worrying responsibility or duty
carnage (noun) widespread slaughter or massacre
concept (noun) a thought or notion
despite (prepsition) regardless of somthing
ecstatic (adj) showing feeling great pleashure or delight
grief (noun) great sadness
horde (noun) a large group of people
immobilize (verb) to fix in place, to stop or disable
inflict (verb) to cause damage, harm, or unpleasantness to somebody or something
luminous (adj) bright or shining
optimistic (adj) tending to take a hopeful and positive view of future outcomes
precise (adj) exact or specific
solitude (noun) the state of being or living alone
vague (adj) not clearly felt, understood or recalled
(adj) stiff, not flexible

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