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What are governments? They are the institutions an individuals who exercise authority over a group of people
How and why is government created? To protect us from the ills of society
What are public policies? They are all the laws regulations or actions taken by a government or all the things a government decides to do and it also covers a wide variety of areas such as crimes safety education and transportation
Where does government come from? Groups of people form nations united by common ancestry or beliefs that they will obey and they agree to give their power to a body of people to help enforce these norms
What is a state? It is a body of people that live with a defined territory and have an organized government with the power to make an enforce laws without the consent oh higher authority
What are the four main characters of a state? Population territory sovereignty and government
What are the theories of the formation of government? The forced evolutionary divine right the state of nature theories
What is the purpose of government? The purpose of each government regardless of its structure id generally the same order and protection
What are the six main goals of American government? Form a perfect union establish justice insure domestic tranquility provide for the common defense promote the general welfare and secure the blessings of liberty
What is an anarchy? It is the absence of any type of government
What are the two main different categories of government? A nondemocratic government and a democratic government
What are the different kinds of autocracies? Absolute monarchy dictatorship and oligarchy
What is a direct democracy? It exists when all the voters in a community decide on every government action and law all the time
What is an indirect democracy? It exists when the people elect representatives to do the work og government for them
What are the different levels of government? Unitary government and federal government
What is an unitary government? It is a top down government and the powers held by a government resides in a single central entity and the central governments are smaller local governments and give them only the power it wants them to have and unitary is not equal to an autocracy
What is an example of a unitary government? Great Britain is because it has a parliament that holds all the power and has local governments that support the parliament
What is a confederal government? It is a bottom up government and has an alliance of independent states who each have their own powers an abilities they give and remove power from a central government and they are rare an often not effective
What is a federal government? The power is shared/divided between the central and several local govs but both levels of government set their own laws and policies and have their own officials but the higher levels usually have more authority when policies conflict with each other

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