Government Final I

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Checks and Balances a plan to keep any part of government from becoming too powerful
Republic a government in which citizens elect people to speak and act for them
Naturalization the act fo giving full citizenship to a person born in another country
Elastic Cause a part of the Constitution that gives Congress power to make laws as needed
Coalition a group of several parties
Party Platform a formal set of goals supported by a political party
Articles of Confederation a written document that establishes the functions of national government
Capitalism an economic system in which people and businesses own and control production
Mercantilism an economic system based on the idea that a country becomes strong by having wealth and control of the market
Recall the process of removing a public official from office by voting
Gerrymandering to make voting districts that are unfair to a political party
Refugees a person who flees from a country to a safer place
At the 1787 Constitutional Convention, what did most small states support? The New Jersey Plan
What is the length of term of a senator? 6 years
What is the length of term of a representative? 2 years
What are the principles upon which the Constitution is written? Popular sovereignty, limited government, separation of powers, checks and balances, judicial review, federalism
What is the most common way to participate in government? Voting
What is the basic constitutional duty of the president? Chief of state, chief executive, chief administrator, chief diplomat, commander in chief, chief legislator, party chief, chief citizen
Why did the Anti-Federalist criticize the United States Constitution? Gave central government too much power and took power away from the people
What is the duty of the Defense Department? To provide military forces needed to deter war and to protect security of our country
What did a slave count for under the Constitution? 3/5ths
What is a Federal System form of government? Divides power between a strong national government and smaller governments
What is the length of term for a justice appointed to the Supreme Court? The duration of their life or when they decide to step down
What were the first two parties after the adoption of the constitution? Republican and Democrat
What is the purpose of a primary election? To nominate candidates for the general election
What is the largest expense for state government? Education
What is the source of about 25 percent of a state's revenue? Highways, roads, bridges
What are the different courts that comprise a state judicial system? District courts, circuit courts, supreme courts
What is the major source of local government revenue? Property tax
What is the total number of senators? 100
What is the issue of the only amendment to be repealed? Prohibition on alcohol
What document did the Pilgrims write when they came to America? Mayflower Compact
What is the best measurement of public opinion? Voting
What were the names of legislatures debated at the Constitutional Convention? Virginia Plan, New Jersey Plan
How many articles comprise the Constitution? 7
How many amendments are there in the Bill of Rights? 10
How many judges are there on the Supreme Court? 9
How many total amendments are there to the constitution? 27
How many states were needed to ratify the constitution? 9
The amount of representatives for the House of Representatives are determined by what? State population
Who is the leader of the Senate? Vice president
Who is the leader of the House of Representatives? Speaker of the house
Who is the "Father of the Constitution"? James Madison
Who officially elects the president according to the Constitution? Electoral College
Who influenced Thomas Jefferson's writing of the Declaration of Independence? John Locke
Where did most immigrants come when they arrived in America in the 1800s? New York
Where was the Constitutional Convention held? Philadelphia
What are the legislature duties? To make laws
What were the two forms of legislatures proposed at the Constitutional Convention? Virginia Plan and New Jersey Plan

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