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Term Definition
? song4 to deliver / to carry / to give (as a present) / to present (with) / to see off / to send
?? yan3jing eye
? du2 read, study; pronounce
? rang4 to yield / to permit / to let sb do sth / to have sb do sth / to make sb (feel sad etc) / by (indicates the agent in a passive clause,
?? yixia (used after a verb) give it a go / to do (sth for a bit to give it a try) / one time / once / in a while / all of a sudden / all at once
?? houbian- back / rear / behind
?? qianbian front / the front side / in front of
? jian item / component / classifier for events, things, clothes etc
? ta it
?? zhang fu husband; man
?? shi qing matter; affair; thing; business
? yao4 medicine drug
? xue3 snow
?? xi wang to hope; wish for; to desire
? wang to go (in a direction); towards; in the past
? xiao to laugh; to smile
?? xiu xi to rest; take a break
?? pao bu to run; to jog
??? fu wu yuan waiter/waitress; server; attendant
?? xi gua watermelon
?? qi zi wife
?? shou biao wristwatch

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