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Desktop Publishing the PRODUCTION OF PRINTED MATTER by means of a computer having a layout program THAT INTEGRATES TEXT AND GRAPHICS
Clip Art a feature that includes PRE-MADE ILLUSTRATIONS, DRAWINGS, PICTURES, AND OTHER GRAPHIC that can be inserted into a document
Word/Text Art DECORATIVE TEXT that you can add to a document
Column one of two or more VERTICAL SECTIONS OF PRINTED MATERIAL on a page; usually separated by margins
Citation a REFERENCE TO a published or unpublished SOURCE
Presentation an application that ALLOWS THE USER TO CREATE AND SAVE SLIDES to use as a slide show
Transition a feature that can be applied in presentations to CONTROL THE WAY SLIDES MOVE ON AND OFF THE SCREEN
Template something that serves as a MODEL FOR OTHERS TO COPY
Slide Layout a TEMPLATE WHICH INCLUDES PLACEHOLDERS for text, videos, pictures, charts, shapes, and clip art
" symbol used in IF function to print text
# the symbol shown if numeric data is too wide
$ the symbol used to indicate an absolute cell reference
* the symbol that indicates multiplication
, comma symbol used to separate arguments in a function
the symbol that indicates subtraction
' apostrophe the symbol that is a label indicator; make values be a label
/ the symbol that indicates division
: the symbol used to separate the first and last cell of a range (used in a function)
^ the symbol that precedes an exponent
+ the symbol that indicates addition
< logical operator for less than
<= logical operator for less than or equal to
<> logical operator for not equal to
= the symbol that begins every formula
> logical operator for greater than
>= logical operator for greater than or equal to
Absolute Cell Reference cell reference that stays the same or does not adjust to the new location when copied or moved – $A$4
Active Cell a selected worksheet cell that is ready for data entry
Alignment the position of data within a cell (located in Home ribbon)
Argument value, cell reference, range, or text that acts as an operand in a function formula
Ascending sort order arranging text or numbers from a to z, from smallest to largest, or from earliest to latest
Auto sum icon that automatically adds the values in the cells directly above or to the left of the active cell
AVERAGE function that returns the arithmetic mean of its arguments
Bar Chart a chart that uses horizontal bars of varying lengths to illustrate values in a worksheet
CELL REFERENCE a unique identifier for a cell which is formed by combining the cell's column letter and row number (Example: B4 – also called cell address)
Cell the space formed by the intersection of a row and a column; the basic unit of a worksheet
Chart/Graph a graphic representation of values and their relationships: pie, line, column, bar
Column Chart a chart that uses vertical bars of varying height to illustrate values in a worksheet
Column a vertical group of cells in a worksheet identified by letters
COUNT function that returns the number of cells in a range that contains numbers
COUNTA function that returns the number of cells in a range that contains anything
Ctrl ~ the key sequence for revealing formulas; also in Formula ribbon
Descending sort order arranging text or numbers from z to a, largest to smallest, or latest to earliest
F2 shortcut used to EDIT a formula, a function, or data in a cell
F4 shortcut to change cell reference to absolute
Fill to copy a cell's contents and/or formatting into an adjacent cell or range (use handle in lower right corner of cell)
Filter to set conditions so that only certain data is displayed from a table
Formula bar located above the work area of the spreadsheet; displays the data or formula stored in the active cell
Formula performs calculations in a spreadsheet Example: =A3*$B$5
Freeze panes keeps selected rows or columns visible on the screen as the rest of the worksheet scrolls (place cursor in cell below and to the right of cells to "not move"); located in View ribbon; used for wide or long spreadsheets
Function a prewritten formula that makes it easy to perform common calculations
Gridlines lines between rows and columns (default – show on screen – in View ribbon; default – NOT show when print – change in sheet tab of Page Setup when printing)
IF function that uses a logical argument to determine true/false result (logical test,"true","false")
Label alphanumeric text that will not be used in calculations
Line Chart a chart that uses points connected by a line to illustrate values in a worksheet
Mathematical Function a built-in command which can be used to perform common mathematical operations such as addition, multiplication, and rounding numbers
MAX function that returns the largest value in a set of values
Merging combining two or more cells – used to center title across width of spreadsheet (located in Home ribbon)
MIN function that returns the smallest value in a set of values
Mixed Cell Reference a cell reference that contains both absolute and relative references (when copied, one cell reference changes and the other stays the same) – A$4 or $A4
Operand a number or cell reference used in a formula
Operator a symbol that indicates what mathematical operation to perform on the operands: plus, minus, multiply, divide, or exponents
Order of Operation the mathematical rules used for calculating the value of a formula; Parenthesis, Exponents, Multiply and Divide (left to right), Add and Subtract (left to right)
Pie Chart a chart that shows the relationship of a part to a whole
Pivot Table tool to reorganize and summarize selected columns and rows of data in a spreadsheet table to obtain a desired report (doesn't change the spreadsheet); to turn the data to view it from different perspectives; useful with large amounts of data
Range selected group of cells on a worksheet identified by the cell in the upper left corner and the cell in the lower right corner, separated by a colon – example could be: A1:A10 A1:C8
Relative Cell Reference cell reference that adjusts to a new location when copied or moved (row # changes when copied down and column letter changes when copied across)
Row a horizontal group of cells in a worksheet identified by numbers
Sort to arrange a list of words or numbers in ascending or descending order (in Home and Data ribbon)
Spreadsheet a grid of rows and columns containing: values (numbers), labels (text), and formulas (to do calculations or math)
SUM function that adds the values in a range of cells
Value numeric characters that can be used in a calculation
Workbook a collection of related worksheets (a filename in Excel)
Worksheet the workspace made up of columns and rows where data is entered to create an electronic spreadsheet (sheet tabs appear at the bottom of the screen)
xlsx file extension for Excel 2016

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