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Imperialism policy of powerful countries trying to control the economy gov't of weaker nations or regions
Isplationism policy of staying out of world affairs.
Expansionism policy of extending nation borders
Annex to add on or take over.
Sphere of influence area where a nation has special trading privilages
Open Door Policy US policy in 1899 that opened up all the spheres of influence in china to all nations to trade; Chinese were angry bc they had no say.
Yellow Journalism biased and untrue news reporting that relies on exaggeration news stories and headlines; used in the Spanish – american war.
Teddy Roosevelt before becoming a trust busting president, TR was the leader of a cavalry unit called the rough riders. He was also Serectary of the navy
William Seward secretary of state who bought Alaska from Russia
Rough Riders nicknames for a military unit led by TR in the spainsh -american war
Monroe Doctrine President Monroe's foreign policy statement that warned European nations to stay out of Latin America.
Roosevelt Corollary TR's addition to the Monroe dcotrine that said Europe couldn't interence with latin , but the us could ( to preseve '' law and order)
USS Marine us battleship sent to cuba to pick up jndjnviasdciscjs

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