Int med 2

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Hyperkalemia in older diabetic male with congestive heart failure Hyporeninemic hypoaldosteronism
Hypocalcemia in alcoholic Alcoholism -low Mg->low PTH production->low Ca
Absence of urobilinogen-in what kind of liver disease Obstructive
Gold standard for choledocholithiasis ERCP not us (which is for 4 cholelithiasis and cholecystitis
What is cholangitis B_what is cholecystitis Infection of biliary tractB_inflamation of gall bladder wall
What is charcot triad and raynold pentad RUQ pain,jaundice and feverPwntad -above + septic shock and altered mental status Happens in cholangitis-even transaminases may be mildly elevated
Most common extra int manifestation of IBD Monoarticular arthritis
Which biliary tract ds associated with UC Sclerosing cholangitis
4 extra int manifestation of IBD that parallel ds activity EpI scleritisErythema no do sumPyoderma gangrenosum Migratory monoarticular arthritis

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