Ization, Trade, Curr Ization, Trade and Currency

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Benefits of Voluntary Trade Countries make MONEY through trading with other countries
Benefits of Voluntary Trade Countries can get PRODUCTS from other countries they don't produce
Benefits of Voluntary Trade Countries can SPECIALIZE in making products based upon resources
Benefits of Voluntary Trade Countries can BE THE BEST at making the product, so others want the product
Benefits of Voluntary Trade Countries create RELATIONSHIPS so in time of need hopefully humanitarian aide
Trade Products and goods are exchanged for other products and goods
Voluntary Trade Buyers and sellers have the right to sell and buy by their own preference or refuse to if they so choose
Export Items shipped out of a country
Import Items being shipped in a country
Interdependence Relying on another country for a good or service.
Currency Money
Currency Exchange Amount Spent/Exchange Rate
Exchange Rate $1 USD=Other Currency
World Bank Provides loans to countries in need
United Nations Provides humanitarian aide to countries
World Bank Helps countries in NEED to get them out of poverty
United Nations Helps countries with PEACE and SECURITY, end POVERTY, protect HUMAN RIGHTS
World Bank Determine which countries in the world could use assistance and provide money to them.
World Bank Helps developing countries
United Nations Helps all countries
United Nations WORLD humanitarian organization
World Bank Bank-Loans
United Nations Organization
United Nation Vote is a vote (each country gets one vote)
World Bank Weighted vote (based upon how much money the country contributes)
World Bank Washington DC
United Nations New York
UN and World Bank Same Help people
UN and World Bank Same Representatives from countries all around the world
UN and World Bank Same United Nations big part, but UN part of it
UN and World Bank Same Made after WWII
UN and World Bank Same International/Global Organizaiton
Humanitarian Aide Assistance provided to people in distress
Globalization World linked together through trade and culture
Industrialization Add industry to an area
Urbanization Take a rural are and add industries to make it more urban
Rural Country and low population
Urban City and high population
Urbanization Postive Closer to activities, more job opportunities, etc…
Urbanization Negative Pollution, Overcrowding, etc..
Industrialization Postivie Variety products, variety of jobs, etc…
Industrialization Negative Pollution, building roads to transport goods, etc…
Globalization Positive Gives us new items in the country, variety of culture, etc…
Globalization Negative Pollution, competition for seller, etc…
Ization Connection First comes….because….Second comes….because….Third comes….because….
Step by Step Currency Exchange 1. Get the exchange rate which is what $1 USD equals in the other country.2. Figure out how much money you spent in the country.3. Take the amount spend and divide it by the exchange rate found earlier.

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