Kholberg/Piaget 11

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Stage 1 (out of 6 stages) (Kholberg) Preconventional: Obedience/Punishment (for babies) (Kholberg)
Stage 2 (out of 6 stages) (Kholberg) Preconventional: Self Interest (pre-school) (Kholberg)
Stage 3 (out of 6 stages) (Kholberg) Conventional: Conformity (middle school) (Kholberg)
Stage 4 (out of 6 stages) (Kholberg) Conventional: Authority or social order (high school and college). People stop developing at the current stage (Kholberg)
Stage 5 (out of 6 stages) (Kholberg) Post Conventional: Social contract (Kholberg)
Stage 6 (out of 6 stages) (Kholberg) Post Conventional: Universal Principle. Is totally theoretical and hypothetical(Kholberg)
Who created the 6 stages Lawrence Kholberg
Sensory motor (Piaget) Occurs from ages 0-2. Is object permenance. (Piaget)
Preoperation (Piaget) Occurs from ages 2-7. Is working into the idea that we can learn from our past, (things that have happened to us). (Piaget)
Concrete operational (Piaget) Occurs from ages 7-11. Time, space, quantity is introduced. (Piaget)
Formal operations (Piaget) Occurs from ages 11-end of life. Involves strategy and planning. (Piaget)

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