Latin Final

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Atrium Reception Hall
Canis Dog
Coquus Cook
Cubiculum Bedroom
Culina Kitchen
Est Is
Filius Son
Hortus Garden
In In, On
Laborat Works, is Working
Mater Mother
Pater Father
Sedet Sits, is Sitting
Servus Slave
Triclinium Dining Room
Via Street
Amicus Friend
Ancilla Slave-Girl, Slave Women
Cena Dinner
Cibus Food
dominus master
Dormit Sleeps
Gustat tastes
Intrat Enters
Laetus Happy
Laudat Praises
Mensa Table
Mercator Merchant
Quoque Also, too
Salutat Greets
Toga Toga
Tunica Tunic
Ad To
Bibit Drinks
Circumspectat Looks Round
Clamat Shouts
Ecce! see! Look!
Et And
Exit Goes Out
Exspectat Wait For
Forum Forum, Business Center
Ianua Door
Iratus angry
Leo Lion
Magnus big, large, great
Navis ship
Non not
portat carries
respondet replies

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