Latin Finals 5

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Centurio Centurion
Conspicit:conspexit Catches sight of
Cum With
Facit:fecit Makes, Does
Heri Yesterday
Ingens:ingentem huge
Intellegit:intellexit understands
Lacrimat:lacrimavit Cries, weeps
Mortuus Dead
Narrat;narravit tells, relates
Necat;necavit Kills
Nihil Nothing
Omnis All
Parat:Paravit Prepares
Pestis:Pestem Pest, Rascal
Poculum Cup (often for wine)
Procedit:processit Advances, Proceeds
Prope Near
Pulcher;Pulchrum Beautiful, handsome
Rogat:rogavit Asks
Tacite Quietly, Silently

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