Lecture 6-7-8 Probe and DOD

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Term Definition
Pocket diseased sulcus
Examine gingiva for bleeding, pocket depth, shape of pocket, tissue characteristic ( consistency)
Do you explore or probe first for perio assessment info? probe
How many readings per tooth? 6
Attachment level where the junctional epithelium is at the base of the pocket
gingivitis the junctional epithelium and the CEJ meet at the same spot, bleeding is present and pseudopocketing
Periodontitis the junctional epithelium has migrated away from the CEJ down on to the root
Bleeding an early sign of inflammation in the gingiva. It does not mean bone loss.
sulcular bleeding index- SBI # of areas of bleeding over the number of teeth times 4
Healthy tissues the junctional epithelium and the CEJ meet at the same spot
Mesognathic profile Normal profile
retrognathic profile chin is retruded or "in"
prognathic profile chin is protruded or "out"
plaque control record -PCR # of areas of plaque over the number of teeth times 4
Purposes and uses of the probe assessment of perio status; guide to instrumentation; evaluation of treatment; assessment of occlusion
adaptation of probe parallel to the tooth surface
type of stroke walking to contact then angle into the col area
height of contour the bulge at the cervical third
angling too much causes: elevated reading
angling not enough causes: shallow reading
complications of probing bleeding; sensitivity; calculus; saliva
Clinical attachment loss- CAL measure from the bottom of the pocket to the CEJ
Pocket depth measure from the bottom of the pocket to the gingival margin
mucogingival involvement when the probe passes through the mucogingival line which means there is no attached gingiva
DOD: quadrant five to eight teeth; 3 teeth must be posterior teeth including a molar
quad of calculus minimum of eight surfaces of moderate to heavy calculus
quota point based on the patient's classification of perio involvement, supra calculus, sub calculus

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