Male Vocab 1 Male Reproductive System Vocab 1

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Vas deferens The duct that conveys sperm from the testicle to the urethra.
Urethra The duct by which urineis conveyed out of the body from the bladder, and which in male vertebrates also conveys semen.
Testes An organ that produces spermatozoa (Male reproductive cells).
Sperm The mature motile male sex cell of an animal, by which the ovum is fertilized, typically having a compact head and one or more long flagella for swimming.
Scrotum A pouch of skin containing the testicles.
Epididymis A highly convoluted duct behind the testis, along which sperm passes to the vas deferens.
Prostate Gland A gland surroundng the neck of the bladder in male mammals and releasing prostatic fluid.

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