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civilization a complex society that has cities, government and law, religion, class divisions, a writing system and division of labor
cuneiform an early style of writing developed by the Sumerians that is made up of wedge shaped markings
empire group of territories or nations under a single ruler or government
irrigation method of bringing water to a field from another place to water crops
city-state independent state (government) made up of a city and the surrounding land and villages
state another name for government
scribe a person who knows how to read and write – these people were very important in ancient times because most people did not know how to read and write
ziggurat grand temples built by the Sumerians to honor the gods – it means "mountain of god" or "hill of heaven"
artisan skilled craftperson – it can be someone who works with leather, metals, pottery, wood, fabric, etc…
polytheistic the belief in many gods
monothestic the belief in one god
provinces political districts created to help govern an area of land
Mesopotamia a Greek word which means, "land between the rivers"
merchant a person who buys, sells or trades an item or good

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