Motion 2nd Grade Motion Study Guide

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Term Definition
Motion Change of position
Direction Path that an object takes
Speed Describes how fast something moves. It is the distance that something moves in a certain amount of time.
Force A push or pull that can change how something is moving
Friction A force that slows down or stops a moving object when it rubs against something
Push Causes an object to be moved further away
Pull Causes an object to be moved closer
Gravity A force that pulls objects to the ground
What forces makes it hard to push a desk across the floor? Friction
What changes when you hit a baseball with a bat? Direction
What force do you use when you kick a ball? Push
A ball is kicked twice. The 1st time, it is kicked lightly. The 2nd time, it is kicked hard. What is different between the two ways the ball will move? The second ball will move a farther distance and quicker because of more force.
Would it be harder to ride a bike in the grass or on the sidewalk? Explain. It would be harder to ride a bike in the grass because friction will slow you down,

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