Movement Movement in Tang Soo Do

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Mahk Kee Block
Kong Kyuck Attack
Ha Dan Low part
Choong Dan Middle part
Sang Dan High part
Up Front
Yup Side
Dwi Back
O Rin Jok Right side
Wen Jok Left Side
Tuel Oh Twisting
Cha Gi Kick
Ki Hap Yell
Cha Ryut Attention
Kyung Yet Bow
Sa Bom Nim Kay Kyung Yet Bow to Master Instructor
Kyo Sa Nim Kay Kyung Yet Bow to instructor
Kahng Ho Kan E Kyung Yet Bow to partner
Shim Sa Kwan Nim Ge Kyung Yet Bow to judge or examiner
Choon Bee Ready
Si Jak Begin
Ba Ro Return
Shio Relax (rest)
Tora Turn
Dwi Ro Tora Turn to rear
Bal Cha Gi Choon Bee Ready for kicking
Jin Movement
Chun Jin Forward movement
Wheng Jin Sideways movement
Hu Jin Backward movement
Yuk Jin Movement while maintaining reverse relationship between hand and foot
Dasi Repeat or again
Pyung Ahn Peaceful and Confident
Ahn Jo Sit
Goman Stop
Kwan Won Students
Kook Kee flag
Mook Yum meditate
Kam sa ham ni da Thank You
Choi sam ni da I am ok
Chang Kwan Palm heel
Pahl Koom Chi Elbow

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