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What is Battery? Touching a persons body without his or her consent.
Abuse Willful infliction of injury, unreasonable, confinement, intimidation, or punishment that results in physical harm or pain.
Which Violates the persons right to Privacy? Opening the window's blinds when assisting with bathing.
When should you apply a restraint? Only if a doctor orders.
How long should you soak residents foot in basin for foot care? 15-20 Mins
When dressing a resident which arm should you dress first? Affected/weak arm
When undressing a resident which side should you remove first? strong side
How long should you wash your hands for? Atleast 20 seconds
When doing catheter care how hot should the water be? 105-110
How many Milliliters are in 1oz? 30mL in 1 ounce
How many steps should you walk the resident when doing ambulation atleast 10
when doing peri care how hot should the water be? 105-109
What does Functional Nurses focus on? tasks and jobs
What is Medicare? A federal healthy insurance program for 65 years of age and older and some younger people with certain disabilities.
Medicare Part A pays for some hospital, SNF, Hospice, and home care cost
Medicare Part B Pays for Doctors' services, out-patient hospital care, physical and occupational therapists, some home care, and many other services.
What is Medicaid? A health car payment program sponsored by the federal government and operated by states.
Medicare severity-adjusted diagnosis-related groups (MS-DRGs) are for? Hospital cost
What is Dignity? Knocking on a residents door, introducing yourself and describing what you are going to do for them.
What is the purpose of OBRA? Provides care in a manner and in a setting that maintains or improves each persons quality of life, health, and safety.
What kind of law is Obra? Federal Law
Delegate means? to authorize another person to perform a nursing task in a certain situation.
Who can delegate? RN's
Assault is? intentionally attempting or threatening to touch a person's body without the persons consent.
The omnibus budget reconciliation act of 1987 requires the Minimum safety data set for ? Nursing center residents
What is Recording? oral account of care and observations
What is Reporting? the written account of care and observations
Anterior is ? At or towards the front of the body or body part.
Distal is? The part farthest away from the center or from the point of attachment.
Lateral is? Away from the midline, at the side of the body or body part
Medial is? at or near the middle or midline of the body or body part.
Posterior is? At or towards the back of the body or body part.
Proximal is? The part nearest to the center or to the point of origin.
What is Gerontology? The study of the aging process.
Geriatrics is? The care of aging people.
This can cause difficulty swallowing? (dysphagia) When the salivary glands produce less saliva.
What does race stand for? Rescue,Alarm, Confine, Extinguish
When a patient or resident leaves the agency without staff knowledge is called? Elopement
What is the process of chain of infection? Source (Pathogen), Reservoir (where it can grow and multiply), Portal of Exit (respiratory system, urinary, break in skin), Needs a host to enter, Portal of entry, and a susceptible host ( people who are at risk for infection).
What is lateral position? (side-lying position) The person lies on one side or the other.
What temperature does Obra require for the nursing centers? 71- 81 degrees farenhiet
How many basic bed positions are there? 6
The flat position is ? is for sleeping
Fowlers position is what degrees? 45-60 degrees
High Fowlers position is what degrees? 60-90 degrees
Semi-Fowlers position is what degrees? 30 degrees
Describe Trendelensburgs position? Head of the bed is lowered and the foot of the bed is raised
Describe Reverse Trendelenburgs position? The head of the bed is raised and the foot of the bed is lowered
The closed bed is for? New patient or resident or residents up during the day
An open bed is described as? Top linens are fan folded back so that the person can get in bed.
A surgical bed? For persons arrive by ambulance
What is Friction? Rubbing of one surface against another
What is Shearing? When skin sticks to surface while muscles slide in the directions the body is moving. (going down a slide skin gets stuck but muscles move)
For a Dependence level code of 4 Total Dependance ( Mechanical lift or friction reducing device and atleast 2 staff members)
For a dependance level code of 3 Extensive assistance (Mechanical lift or friction reducing devide and atleast 2 staff members)
If the person weighs less than 200 pounds? 2-3 staff members and a friction reducing device
If the person weighs more than 200 pounds? atleast 3 staff members and a friction reducing device
When assisting patient for a transfer which side do you get patient out on? strong side
What kind of razor is not used on persons who have healing problems or those who take anticoagulant drugs? Safety razors
How much urine does a healthy adult produce a day? 1500mL or 3 pints
Catheters do not treat cause of incontinence
What kind of tape is not used to put on condom catheters to hold in place ? Adhesive tape
What happens is the drainage bag becomes disconnected? Tell the nurse and clean it and reconnect it.
what is the purpose of an enema? To remove feces and relieve constipation, fecal impaction or flatuence
What is a normal adult pulse rate? 60-100 beats per min
What is another name for the Midstream Specimen? Clean-voided speciment or clean catch specimen
The double-voided speciment is also know as? Fresh- fractional urine specimen

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