Phlebotomy 1

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Question Answer Another name for blood bank Immunohematology Patients beliefs, culture, and knowledge Diversity awareness 2 types of tube additives Anticoagulant and Coagulation Protective isolation is to Protect the patient OSHA has com standard is called The right to know law Contact isolation and to wash hands with soap and h2o before leaving the room CDiff Malpractice Improper treatment Hep B Series Order 1m 1m 6 months from initial vaccination What is a Negative Kinesics Frowny face Communication Barriers Language, Age, Emotions, Cultural Diversity Standard of Care and Phlebotomists are regulated by The Joint Commision Compromising quality of a specimen Partially filling an EDTA Tube Federal law requires Hep B vaccines must be offered to employees with in 10 working days if offered at all Incase of accidental needle stick, first you must Flush the area Exposure to BBP when splashed in mouth on hands, etc All of the above* Phlebotomists in an elevator talking about a patient who family member is also in the elevator Invasion of privacy If you take someone blood without their permission they can sue for Assault and Battery Protection or Reverse Isolation helps To protect the PT OSHAa??s HazCom standard is known as The Right to Know Law Public Health Facilities do not do Liscensures Promoting good public health relations All of the above** Class C Fire Electrical Proper Order of PPE Gown, Mask/Respirator, Goggles, Gloves over cuffs Phlebotomy Vein incision

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