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within intra
life vit/viv
between/among inter
likeness imag
to turn vert
good bene
authors constantly do this during the editing and rewriting stage of the writing process. This improves the text. rewrite
an important idea or lesson repeated or developed throughout the text. theme
details that show a reader what something looks, feels, sounds, and taste like. sensory details
a sentence in a paragraph usually at the beginning, that states the main idea of the paragraph topic sentence
to suffer extreme physical or mental pain agonize
to cause something to change from good to bad corrupt
to break open rupture
to show or describe; to point out indicate (s)
an autobiography memoir
a number of things or events that are arranged or happen one after the other series
acts as the subject of a sentence and it performs the action of a verb subjective pronoun
any sentence element that interrupts the forward movement of a clause ; phrases set off by commas, dashes and parentheses; an interrupter parenthetical elements
groups of words that can be removed without changing the meaning of the sentence; it is not set off by commas and gives additional information about the word it modifies~ it is not essential to the sentence, but helpful nonrestrictive elements

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