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Term Definition
A On not without
Ac/ad Motion towards addition to
Be On away
In Not
Inter Between among
Mal Bad
Mid Middle
Per Through completely
Post After
Uni Having more consisting of only one
-ac Pertaining to
Ancy The state of being
Antent One who performs
Er One who
Ess Female
Ible Can be done, Worthy of being , able to be, tending to, capacity for
Ious Full of
Tion The thing that is
Bibleo Book
Dem People
Speak say or talk Dict
Domin Master bUilding
Geo Earth soil global
Sol Alone
Able Can do
?? (???)
When affixes are added to the beginning of words, they are called prefixes For example, the most common prefix is un-, which meant not or opposite of. Greek and Latin roots
Ful Full
Man Hand
Port Carry
Trans Across, change, through
Micro Small, Minute
Super Above, on top of, beyond,
Ent,ant An action, condition, Causing a specific action
Ty,ity State of, quality of
Ic Relating to, characterised by
Vac empty
Hom,homo Same
Ami Like, Love
Audi Hear
Beni Good
Cept Take, hold
Jur, jus Law
Mid Middle
Vit/viv Life
Be On/away
Dem Peoples
Grat Beloved , pleasing, dear, agreeable, grateful, thankful, please
Gram W Right draw record
know To understand
Mort Death
Test Witness or see
?(?????)? ??
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