pva 7ss6.1 chapter6 lesson 1

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Term Definition
federal system a system that divided powers between the states and the federal government
federal system also know as federalism, used to structure the Constitution
impeach vote to bring charges of serious crimes against, a president
impeach the House of Representatives have the right to do this to the president
impeach to bring charges against
veto to cancel
veto president has the right to override, or undo laws Congress has passed
executive orders nonlegislative directives issued by the US president in certain circumstances
executive orders executive orders have the force of congressional law
executive orders to carry out laws affecting the Constitution, treaties, and statutes the president issues —-
pardons freedom from punishment, to persons convicted of federal crimes or facing criminal charges
pardons orders only given by the president to free someone
Thurgood Marshall the first African American US supreme Court Justice
Thurgood Marshall a lawyer for the National Association for Advancement of Colored People and fought racial segregation
Sandra Day O'Connor first female Court justice after her 1981 appointment by President Ronald Reagan
Sandra Day O'Connor Associate justice of the US Supreme Court, she was the first woman appointed to the Court
naturalized citizens foreign-born people whose parents are not citizens must move to the US
naturalized citizens a long process before applying for citizenship
deport return to the country of origin
deport immigrants who break the law

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